The Group

The B4i group was born in the middle of the new wave of economy and business, the so-called “economy of consciousness”. We propose a work model led by inspiration, by the exchange of experiences and innovation, a LOT of innovation. We seek the balance between our diverse areas of operation, which work in synchronization, interacting with and complementing each other, generating results that are much more complex, experiential and human.

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Em Breve


QG Rua Groenlândia 808 - São Paulo - SP - 01434-000

Mktplace (club)

Blurring the boundaries between work and pleasure, we offer many services in one place so that members can take advantage of their time in the most productive, healthy and pleasurable way possible.


We like to call BRAIN, the main business of our group, a Club. That's right, folks, far different from any chit-chat about co-working. In addition to turbo-charged internet, lots of desks and amazing meeting rooms, the BRAIN spaces have many different ways of stimulating well-being. Spinning, yoga and language classes, bistrô cafe, weekly events and even electric bike sharing, all under one roof! And the all-important appreciation of experience, which not by coincidence, results in much more interesting, happy people, as well as an exchange of ideas.

Art & Culture

We believe in Art and Culture as powerful tools for the transformation of society. We create business and spaces to awaken creativity and challenge our possibilities in the world.


Our new art and culture platform for the city. Located in a huge house (2,000 sqm) with a superb garden and a lot of history. Theater, art galleries, three bars, prototyping lab and a schedule with 3 weekly events.


A Cultural Hotspot in a historical building in downtown São Paulo. Events, workshops and performances await you.

F&B and Entertainment

As Andy Warhol would say, as important as the food and drink, is the place where they are served. Reinventing spaces and transforming ideas into experiences has always interested us. Our businesses challenge people's comfort zone and delight the senses.

Cafelito Lounge

Besides amazing organic food and special beverages, the lounge is excellent for meetings, encounters and chill moments. Invite your clients, get together with your team and keep your self on route.


An experimental cuisine restaurant, which works with the chef's guests, to give your palate a break from the everyday routine.

T.A.B. (take away bar)

Wanna get the most out of kitchen and bars? The T.A.B lets you happen wherever you are.


Tropical-kitsch restaurant and bar with a superlative garden area that looks a country homestead, an oasis in the middle of São Paulo's concrete jungle.


A microscopic Japanese-themed bar that caters to regulars and the plain curious.


For lovers of the urban racetrack, beer and good times, a public arena for events and great music.

Content and Learning 2.0

Life wasn't designed around work hours, and understanding the world elevates people as much as work does. We provide a content and education platform to enlighten and inspire.


When taking a deep breath just isn't enough, our spaces dedicated to physical and mental health can help.

Hzen SPA

Enjoy a space dedicated to relaxation. Individual therapies, massages or even just a quick snooze in the middle of the day.

Hzen Yoga

The Yoga branch of our Zen universe. Yoga and meditation classes with inspired masters to put you in tune with the Cosmos.


We don't wanna hear excuses. Indoor bike classes to stay fit, unload your stresses and renew your energy.

Mobility and Co-Living

Discovering the world around you is as important as being part of it. Experience how we help people navigate the complexity that surrounds them and make the best of their experiences.


Enjoy the bike lanes and discover the city by hiring one of our electric bikes for a few hours, or even a few days.


Sharing experiences taken to the extreme in a hostel, Airbnb and co-living hybrid.

Social Causes

We believe in sharing, in the new economy, in good ideas and, of course, in helping others the best way we can.

The social arm of the Group. Selling handicraft, organic, biodynamic products from small producers, with profits going back to its place of origin.

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